Kimios Server and Web Clients are released under the Affero GPL v2 licence.

Kimios Explorer for Windows (along with other Windows Components), are released under commercial licence.

On which operating system Kimios can be deployed ?

Kimios is mainly based on the Java platform, and can be run on any system supporting Java (>=8)

Which browsers are supported ?

Kimios Web application is currently tested on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari

Does Kimios provide a Desktop application ?

Kimios can be used with a Windows application (coming with Office plugins), called Kimios Explorer

Does Kimios provide a Mobile application?

Kimios Web Client provide a mobile interface

Which types of documents Kimios can store?

Kimios can store any types of documents

Which types of documents Kimios can index?

Kimios can index any text based files (Office, Libre Office, HTML, source code, PDF …). Indexing process can be extended to support specific file formats

Is Kimios able to handle large repositories?

Kimios can be connected to any storage infrastructure, and rely on PostgreSQL and Apache SolR for persistence. Dedicated deployment can be set to handle large repositories

Does Kimios support connection to other application?

Kimios provide an API (REST and SOAP), along with many extension point (Apache Camel integration, event handlers, meta data connectors …). It can be plugged no any third parties application or API

Which authentication system can be supported?

Kimios support by default internal authentication, LDAP, Active Directory and Apereo CAS authentication. Any other system can be connected by creating an authentication module

Do you provide professional services or consulting on the solution?

Teclib can provide services or consulting on DMS or workflows projects.

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