Kimios DMS version 1.2 – download now!

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Teclib´ is happy to announce that after several week of hard work we are releasing the new version of Kimios – Document Management solution.

Here is what we have prepared for you:

  • Quickly share documents in a secure way inside or outside the organization using Kimios. Example: create the access to a document for an external user by email for a limited period.
  • Notifications : users can be notified about any documents after some business “criteria” has been defined and applied to this document. What does it mean? It means that documents stored inside Kimios can be linked to the specific business process.
  • Custom document versions: users can now select and add a custom version number for a document (0.1, 0.2, …).
  • Document export: any document can be exported to the Excel format.
  • Document trash management: documents deleted by users can be kept in a temporary space before complete removal in order to prevent any critical loss of information.
  • Document preview: Kimios provides web preview and PDF version of any Office documents* (available under subscription).
  • Workflows: Kimios can be integrated into the Bonita BPM Engine*(available under subscription).
  • Kofax integration: Kimios can be used with Kofax scan software to handle large number of paper documents to scan and share* (available under subscription).
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